• Kenyatta Avenue, Nairobi, Kenya
  • info@moripesh.co.ke
We are currently operational in Kenya under Moripesh.KE, our holdings include:


Believes in changing Africa’s future today. we are on a vision to eradicate poverty in Africa, we fund and invest in Africa based companies that embrace technology and innovation to make this vision possible


We are an EdTech platform that seeks to connect Educators with families across Africa to share digital lessons. We try to make digital learning affordable, inclusive and accessible for Africa’s students.  


Leverages on its innovation and marketing expertise to help African informal businesses and M-SMEs with e-commerce solutions. we do this through, digital and social media marketing, sales, distribution and last mile management



“When music hits you you feel no pain” We work with artists to securely create and monetize their music, events and live shows on our mobile platform. We also orgainise events and campaigns for our artists.